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Friday, October 5, 2012

Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction: Weird Frodo #2 - Frodo's Search for Help

Frodo's Search for Help
A Fanfiction by WaverlyHillsFan
Non Canonical-Based Story

Frodo, Gandalf, and Gollum stood around their house in utter shock. Was there really some kind of war on another planet?

"It's time to go on an adventure...of some kind..." exclaimed Frodo.
The phone rang violently. Gollum shuffled his way over to it, and picked up.
"Hello? Gollum speaking."
"This is Aragorn from Aragorn's Fine Halloween and Pumpkin Patch. Frodo forgot two of his pumpkins."
"I thinkin you should talks with da hobbitsy himself."
Gollum handed the phone over to Frodo.
"Helllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooo! Frodo here!"
"You forgot two of your pumpkins at my pumpkin patch."
"Oh! Which ones!?"
"The two cute ones...the ones you named FooFoo-LaLa and Doodle-Face."
"Ok! Thanks for calling! BYE!"
Frodo slammed the phone down, looked over at Gandalf with a frustrated expression. He was clearly unhappy by the fact that 'FooFoo-LaLa' and 'Doodle-Face' were left behind at the pumpkin patch. The little hobbit's hands clenched the wizard's grey tunic.
"Looky left FOOFOO-LALA AND DOODLE-FACE BEHIND! GAHK! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!?" Frodo screamed, ending with a grunt.
"Shut up, dude! I din't leave 'em behind; you did!" Gandalf snapped.
"I's do's it for you, Hobbitsy!" Gollum suggested.
While Gollum retrieved the pumpkins, Frodo worked on contacting people for help. The group of volunteers assembled in Frodo's room to discuss the plan.
"Alrighty, guys, Legolas said that he's going to an unknown planet to fight Orcs, since they're terrorizing the area. Basically, it's up to us to shave, I mean, save him."
"I happen to have a new Cyber-class bomber available." Aragorn informed.
"How'd you get that? Aren't those illegal?" asked Gimli.
"Where is it, Aragorn?" Frodo inquisited.
"It's out back. How'd you think I got here?"
The group went outside, and there was, in fact, a massive Cyber-class bomber with custom paint. It was adorned with paintings of pumpkins and skulls.
"I bought it with what I earned from my pumpkin patch."
Aragorn assigned everyone positions. He was to be pilot, Frodo was going to be the co-pilot, and the others took on various assignments. Gandalf, for instance, was going to be the gunner in case things took a hostile turn.
The flight was a safe and short one, as they soon landed on the humid and grass-covered planet. Orcs were in the distance, and buildings smoldered from their wrath.
"Wow...this place looks incredible!" exclaimed Gandalf.
"Yup." replied Aragorn. "I've been here before. Seen a lot of gun-slingin' action."
"Since when were you all rough-n'-tough?"
"Ever since I first came here."
Sam, Frodo's best friend, was beginning to get anxious with frustration of just standing around with chit-chat. He smacked Aragorn and Gandalf on the back of their heads.
"Sam, leave me alone, you jerk!" Gandalf rubbed his head.
"We're gonna get there eventually, you ding-dong tart-head!" Aragorn snapped.
The group marched through knee-high grass (for the Hobbits and Gimli, it was waist-high) to get to the large, wood citadel. The sound of voices could be heard coming from each of the stories of the structure.
"Hey, I hear Legolas!" stated Shelob.
They quickly scaled the stairs, only to find Legolas sitting at a table, legs on top and folded, with an ice cold glass of orange-flavored soda.
"Come on over, fellas. Take a seat...any seat." the elf pronounced.
"I thought you said that you were in an urgent situation?"
"I was until about five hours ago...I'm going back to fighting in about an hour. We start officially tomorrow. Go ahead and get some rest...there are cabins everywhere.
To Be Continued...
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