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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Old Movie Fanfiction - Collisions: Chapter 4



Chapter 4:
Velvet Gets Vaporized

Quick note from the author: This is some random story that combines a bunch of characters from old movies into one...and into modern times. Enjoy. Expect total randomness and complete lack of sense...just have fun. This is called 'Collisions' cause everything collides...

So here I present to you...

A Fanfiction by WaverlyHillsFan
Non Canonical-Based Story
It was just a week ago now that the Pie had run the Grand National. Mi had decided to return, as many of the other houses that he visited weren't nearly as nice as the Brown home. Many horse owners had offered Velvet a lot of money to ride their horses in races, but she said 'no' to all of them. She only wanted to ride the Pie for herself and her family, not someone else's horse.

Movie directors were really getting on her nerves, too. They all wanted to swoop up the chance to have a movie about a young girl who had won the Grand National, excluding all the technicalities in the rules.

"Mi!?" called out Velvet.

"What is it, Velvet!?" he returned.

"Come here! There's some kind of green mist in the corner!"

"Mist? What are you talking about...oh, wow..." he said, soon realizing that there was actually mist in the corner of the stables.

Mi stuck his hand in the mist, but when he pulled his arm back, his hand turned to water and was sucked into the mist.

"WHAT'S HAPPENING, MI!?" Velvet cried.

"I don't know! My hand just vaporized!"

Velvet then stuck her foot into the mist. It, too, turned to water and went towards the mist as if it were magnetised to it. The signature loud atmospheric cracking was heard, and the whole town of Sewels was eaten by the mist. During the travel to the dark room, everyone was vaporized, but reformed upon landing. What was going on!?

To be continued...


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