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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Old Movie Fanfiction - Collisions: Chapter 6



Chapter 6:
So Why'd We Come Here, Again?

Quick note from the author: This is some random story that combines a bunch of characters from old movies into one...and into modern times. Enjoy. Expect total randomness and complete lack of sense...just have fun. This is called 'Collisions' cause everything collides...

So here I present to you...

A Fanfiction by WaverlyHillsFan
Non Canonical-Based Story
Dr. Einstein contineud to work on Captain Von Trapp. The Captain was out cold, probably from hitting his head hard against the black marble floor. There was a lot of confusion...why would all these people come together in a small black box via atmospheric cracking?

"STAND AT ATTENTION, PRIVATE!" Maria barked at Judy, who was leaning against the wall tiredly.



It was apparent that after some mental breakdown or illness that Maria had taken on the role of an army general or sergeant. Maybe it was the moldy Swiss cheese she often ate, but the kids all agreed it was probably altitude sickness and too much time spinning in the mountains.

Pat Hunter, a news reporter, thought it'd be a good idea to investigate the area and see if there was anything important. Sure enough, there was a note on black paper that blended into the floor perfectly.

"Guys, over here! I found a note!" she exclaimed.

Everyone came over and stood around her.

"It says 'Dear those of you who were teleported here, you were teleported here because there is trouble in 21st Century America. We need your help to stop all kinds of evil criminals and villain Kyle Cinnabuns. Please help! - Wilbert Morguson of the North West Eastern Hamster Commitee'."

"We need to form a team, I think." suggested Liesl.

"I'm up for individuals." responded Janice Starlin.

"No. We can't do individuals. We'd be killed in seconds."

"A group sounds the best." Mi replied. "Let's call ourselves the Avengers."

"We can't do that! That's already taken."

"You've got to be joking."


Carol said nothing. She didn't want to deal with this. She just wanted to go home to Santa Barbara with Ogie and Judy - BAD.

"What about the Revengers? The Indengers?"

"Indengers isn't even a word."

"The Dependers!" exclaimed Blanche.

"That's perfect!" Liesl replied.

And so it began. The Dependers were formed. A team of people that had never known each other prior to this moment.

"Do we need cheesy superhero names?" asked Judy.

"Um...I guess we could...just for the fun of it."

"Maybe later."

Maria orderered everyone to look for a secret door to lead them out of the black room. A sudden crack from the ceiling provided new arrivals - Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tinman, and the Cowardly Lion. It seemed to trigger a high-powered flash of light, and, for a split second, gave off the location to the exit hatch. Dr. Lorenz, a mad doctor, rushed over to it and unlocked the hatch. They were in the 21st Century, was 2012. Everyone was confused. What was going to happen!?

To be continued...


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