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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Old Movie Fanfiction - Collisions: Chapter 3



Chapter 3:
The Wasp Woman Gets Stung

Quick note from the author: This is some random story that combines a bunch of characters from old movies into one...and into modern times. Enjoy. Expect total randomness and complete lack of sense...just have fun. This is called 'Collisions' cause everything collides...

So here I present to you...

A Fanfiction by WaverlyHillsFan
Non Canonical-Based Story
Janice Starlin, aka the Wasp Woman, had just recently recovered from what was thought to be her death. She had, in fact, survived...but she was injured. The Wasp Woman was still a woman by day and a wasp by night, killing her fictims in an uncontrollable rage.

For a long time, Janice had owned a cosmetics company, but sales were dropping ever since she started aging. That's when things went wrong - she had tried using the enzymes of a wasp to make her look younger...but instead she turned into a wasp.

Now, things were under control. She was on medication to help keep things under control. On her way to the lab, she noticed that a new lab technician, James Freidly, was experimenting with some kind of anti-aging serum.

"Hello, James."

"Oh, hi, Janice."

"What is that?"

"I'm working on a new anti-aging medication. You know, one to replace that last one that went bad."

"I'm willing to try it."

"But Janice...don't you even worry that something bad might happen!?"

"Shut your mouth and give it to me. If I can survive being a wasp, I can survive anything."

"If that's what you wanna believe..."

James gave her all of the fluid in the syringe. Slowly, Janice shed years right off, looking years younger. However, she started to shrink. Eventually, she was completely gone - warped into another area. Things were getting serious.

To be continued...


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