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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Odd Movie Fanfiction - Collisions: Chapter 2



Chapter 2:
Arsenic and Old Mist

Quick note from the author: This is some random story that combines a bunch of characters from old movies into one...and into modern times. Enjoy. Expect total randomness and complete lack of sense...just have fun. This is called 'Collisions' cause everything collides...

So here I present to you...

A Fanfiction by WaverlyHillsFan
Non Canonical-Based Story
Mortimer and Elaine Brewster were at their home enjoying coffee. Recently, Mortimer's step-brother, Teddy, and 'aunts' had been admitted into the Happydale Sanitarium. Aunt Abby and Aunt Martha, who had adopted Mortimer, were notorious for killing people with poisoned wine.
Teddy, on the other hand, thought he was Teddy Roosevelt. Many of the neighbors found his contant "CHARGE!" and bugle playing to be annoying.
Then there was Jonathan, Mortimer's other step-brother, who was also a killer. He and Dr. Einstein travelled around a lot, as Jonathan wanted surgery to change his face after any crime where he may have been witnessed. Despite this, his new face began to get him confused with Boris Karloff, as Dr. Einstein was tired when he operated on his patient.
But all that was history now. Elaine and Mortimer were married and living away from those loonies.
"Ah, sure is nice getting away from those crazies."
"But Mortimer, that's your family!"
"My adopted family, Elaine."
"What about Teddy?"
"Even him."
All of the sudden, a huge atmospheric crack ripped through the house, a near deafining sound. Large swirls of mist emerged from their cups of coffee, consuming them into a dark room filled with other people.

To be continued...


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