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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Old Movie Fanfiction - Collisions: Chapter 1



Chapter 1:
Baby Jane and Blanche Meet the Mist

Quick note from the author: This is some random story that combines a bunch of characters from old movies into one...and into modern times. Enjoy. Expect total randomness and complete lack of sense...just have fun. This is called 'Collisions' cause everything collides...

So here I present to you...

A Fanfiction by WaverlyHillsFan
Non Canonical-Based Story
Baby Jane Hudson was busy doing the dishes, mumbling about how she despised Blanche under her breath. That constant buzzing of Blanche's service bell was driving her nuts; she was ready to disable it. Ever since the accident involving a car crash, Blanche, her sister, had been crippled, and required the care of Jane, a former vaudevillian. The telephone rang, and Jane shuffled over to answer it. She was almost always drunk and flumpy.

"Hello..." she slurred. "Who's this?"

"It's your neighbor, Mrs. Bates."

"And what do you want?"

"I just called to let you know you left your headlights on."


Jane slammed down the receiver, stumbled outside, and turned off the headlights. She accidentally leaned on the horn, but was too drunk to react quickly. The loud noise ripped through the neighborhood.

Upon returning inside the house, Blanche's buzzer went off, forcing Jane to stumble up the stairs and see what her sister was buzzing about.

"What is it, Blanche?"

"Who was that on the phone!?"

"That nosey neighbor, Mrs. Bates."

"What did she want?"

"That's none of your business."

Out of the corner of Jane's eye, a strange mist appeared.
"What's that mist, Blanche?"

"I think it's time you see the doctor. You're drunk again, Jane."

"Just shut up and look."

To her surprise, Blanche actually saw the mist in the corner. It was growing larger and large, swirling in a vortex formation. Pretty soon it consumed half of the room. Jane began to cough.

A noise that sounded like the atmosphere cracking ripped through the room, and within a matter of seconds, Blanche and Jane were transported into the middle of a dark chamber with no sense of where they were. There were other people there, each wearing clothes of different eras.

"Blanche...are you seeing this? Or am I just very, very drunk..?"

"Yes...I'm seeing it."

To be continued...


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